A letter to friends who have supported our films


First of all - thank you. The films from our previous Kickstarter campaigns, Big Boys Gone Bananas!* and Bikes vs Cars, have now met audiences in soon 100 countries around the world. For us at WG Film, audience matters. It’s our ambition to always answer tweets, emails and posts 24/7. We now have friends all over the world that help spread the word and organize screenings of our films. 

Can films change the world? Maybe, because people can and films with a warm heart can inspire to action. We love when documentary films are used as tools for change. I have met audiences in many countries now. Always a bliss. After Big Boys Gone Bananas!* people told me about their own experience of oppressed free speech, or the power of the lobbyists. Bikes vs Cars created a local debate on city planning in now more than 2.000 cities around the world. Some people parked their cars for good. 

Now WG Film is launching Joakim Demmer's DEAD DONKEYS FEAR NO HYENAS. This is a film that will make people talk about land investments and land grabbing — the ongoing global crisis where the poorest are pushed away from their livelihood. 750 million peasant farmers around the world are now under pressure. They are the ones feeding the world and must be a part of the solution, not made victims. The film gives a voice to people who have lost everything. We now owe them a good distribution of their stories. That’s what this Kickstarter campaign is about. 

We now have one week left of our campaign and still have a long way left to go. Most pledges are quite small, so it means that we need to be many. We have no rich uncles, only a lot of friends — like you. Please support and share. This energy is what the world needs today. 

-Fredrik Gertten

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