3 years since the Bikes vs Cars Kickstarter

Just over 3 years ago, we celebrated the end of a successful Bikes vs Cars Kickstarter campaign, through which we reached over 2000 people in over 50 countries!

Now, with a finished film delivered to our amazing community, Bikes vs Cars has been seen in over 70 countries to a countless number of people, at festivals, special screenings, cinemas, schools, on Vimeo, at conferences, in bike shops, outdoors, indoors, projected through pedal power, preceded by bike rides and proceeded by panel discussions and Q&As with the film crew, the film subjects, activists, city mayors, NGOs, etc. etc. What an awesome, awesome journey this film and the team have been on.

So, once again, THANK YOU, tack, merci, danke, gracias, arigato, grazie, obrigado to all of you for all of your continued support! WE ARE SO SO SO MANY!

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