Czech premiere of Bikes vs Cars


One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival will host the Czech premiere of Bikes vs Cars this weekend, with director Fredrik Gertten in attendance for Q&As, a masterclass and a bike ride to the cinema. The premiere will take place on Friday, March 11th at 19.30, with additional screenings on Saturday and Monday. Find more info and tickets here.

Friday, March 11: 19.30 - Kino 35 (czech premiere, followed by masterclass with Fredrik Gertten. Info here.)
Saturday, March 12: 17.00 - Kino 35 (accompanied by bike ride to the cinema. Info here).
Monday, March 14: 17.00 - Evald


Festival du Film Vert


Festival du Film Vert, an environmental themed festival with branches throughout France and Switzerland, will screen Bikes vs Cars in seven different cities in March and April. Junior producer Glynnis Ritter will attend the first screening, along with the festival's award ceremony, in Lausanne on Saturday, March 5th. Full list of screenings below:

Lausanne : March 5 (followed by discussion)
Chatel-St-Denis : March 12
Nyon : March 13 (followed by discussion)
Yverdon-Les-Bains : March 19
Ferney-Voltaire : March 20 (followed by discussion)
Le Sentier : March 20
Geneva : April 7

More info

Bikes vs Cars and Fredrik Gertten at Zagreb Dox

Fredrik Gertten heads to Zagreb next week for the Croatian premiere of Bikes vs Cars, with ZagrebDox, International Documentary Film Festival. There will be two screenings, both followed by Q&A's, as well as a bike caravan leading to the film's premiere on Friday, Feb.26th. More info can be found here.

26.02. / Friday, 18:00 - 20:00 Theatre 4
27.02. / Saturday, 14:00 - 16:00 Theatre 5 


Vote Bikes vs Cars as "Best Environmental Documentary"

We are happy to announce that Bikes vs Cars has been nominated as “Best Environmental Documentary” for The Bigger Picture Film Awards 2016. Produced by Global Inheritance, The Bigger Picture is an annual interactive film awards program honoring the very best in caused-based films and documentaries.  "We aim to recognize films with meaningful messages that have the power to inspire audiences. We want to bring these films to the forefront and give audiences a chance to vote on their favorites from this past year."

Vote for Bikes vs Cars here (you could win some pretty neat prizes if you do!).

Japanese and Croatian premieres of Bikes vs Cars

We will soon have the premieres of Bikes vs Cars in both Japan and Croatia and director Fredrik Gertten will be in attendance for both!

On Sunday, January 31st, the Cycling Embassy of Japan will host the Japanese premiere of Bikes vs Cars at Uplink Factory in Shibuya. There will be two screenings: first, the premiere at 16:00, then again at 18:45. Embassy members Byron Kidd of Tokyo By Bike fame, and journalist Yasuyuki Saito, will be participating in a 30-45 minute, post-screening Q & A along with Fredrik. Tickets will soon be available on Uplink's website.

At the end of February, Fredrik will travel to Zagreb, Croatia for our Croatian premiere with ZagrebDox (Feb 21-28). Screening dates to be announced soon!

Moving Docs supports Bikes vs Cars

Since May 2015, Bikes vs Cars has been working with an EDN initiative called Moving Docs on setting up screenings of the film around Europe. The aim of Moving Docs is to create innovative outreach strategies and provide opportunities for urban and rural European audiences to enjoy regular screenings of documentary films through a wide variety of media and platforms. So far, the film has been shown through Moving Docs with partners in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Greece, Cyprus and Scandinavia

Moving Docs is also a supporter of Bikes vs Cars on Vimeo! Visit their site to see how you can get a special discount on the film. If you're interested in hosting the Vimeo link on your website, email [email protected] to get a promo code of your own.

Bikes vs Cars now available on Vimeo around the world

Bikes vs Cars is now available to rent and download from Vimeo on Demand in the US, UK, Canada and most other countries around the world! If you haven't had a chance to see the NY Times Critics' Pick, now's your chance.

Grab some popcorn, enjoy the film and please share with friends!


By the way - if you're interested in watching one of Fredrik Gertten's previous films, we've also put up Bananas!* and Big Boys Gone Bananas!* on Vimeo. 

US Theatrical Release

In December, Bikes vs Cars will open up in cinemas around the United States! Director Fredrik Gertten will head to California for the opening weekend, where he'll first stop in San Francisco on December 3rd for a special screening at The Roxie, hosted by our friends at the San Francisco Green Film Festival. On December 4th, Fredrik will head down to Los Angeles for a weekend of screenings, group bike rides and Q&As at Laemmle NoHo7. More details here.

Below, you'll find a full schedule of screenings. Check the cinema websites for screening times and tickets. Please share with your friends in the States!


Harrisburg, PA
San Francisco, CA
Vancouver, WA
Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA
San Rafael, CA
New York City, NY
Columbus, OH
Baton Rouge, LA
Albuquerque, NM
Greenbelt, MD
New Orleans, LA
Oakland, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Tacoma, WA
Denver, CO
Norfolk, VA
Boulder, CO
Houston, TX
Oak Cliff, TX
San Diego, CA
Hartford, CT


Dec. 2
Dec. 3-9
Dec. 4-10
Dec. 4-10
Dec. 4-10
Dec. 4-10
Dec. 4-10
Dec. 4, 9 & 10
Dec. 5
Dec. 5 & 6
Dec. 6
Dec. 6-10
Dec. 8
Dec. 8
Dec. 8
Dec. 9
Dec. 9
Dec. 9-12
Dec. 10
Dec. 11
Dec. 11-17
Dec. 18-24


Midtown Cinema
The Roxie New College Film Theater
Kiggins Theatre
Laemmle Noho 7
Grand Illusion Cinema
San Rafael Film Center
Cinema Village
Gateway Film Center 8
Manship Theater
Guild Cinema
Old Greenbelt Theatre
Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary Arts Center
New Parkway
Film Bar
The Grand Cinema
SIE Film Center
Naro Expanded Cinema
Dairy Center for the Arts
14 Pews
Texas Theater
Media Arts Center San Diego - Digital Gym
Real Art Ways

Screenings have been set up by our US distributor Kino Lorber through their Alive Mind Cinemas platform. If you'd like to set up a screening of Bikes vs Cars, email [email protected]

Rent & Download Bikes vs Cars in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland

Vimeo On Demand has now released Bikes vs Cars in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland! The film can be either rented or downloaded and is available in multiple languages. We hope you'll check out the film and share it with friends!

On December 15th, the film will open up on Vimeo in the US, Canada and the UK, with more countries TBA. For a reminder when it becomes available, sign up on our website. 


Bikes vs Cars Tours Turkey


This weekend, the Sustainable Living Film Festival (Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Film Festivali) will host the Turkish launch of Bikes vs Cars! The festival, which runs from Nov.19-22, is held simultaneously in 20 cities around the country. The film will play in 17 of those cities!

Below you'll find the complete schedule. 


Bodrum - Friday, Nov.20, 5:00pm
Mersin - Friday, Nov.20, 6:00pm
Bursa - Friday, Nov.20, 4:45pm
Ankara - Saturday, Nov.21, 7:30pm
Antalya - Saturday, Nov.21, 6:45pm
Artvin - Saturday, Nov.21, 5:00pm
Balikesir - Saturday, Nov.21, 5:15pm
Bayindir - Saturday, Nov.21, 5:30pm
Canakkale - Saturday, Nov.21, 7:00pm
Diyarbakir - Saturday Nov.21, 7:30pm
Eskisehir - Saturday Nov.21, 6:00pm
Fethiye - Saturday Nov.21, 5:15pm
Giresun - Saturday Nov.21, 4:45pm
Izmir - Saturday Nov.21, 6:45pm
Trabzon - Saturday Nov.21, 3:15pm
Adana - Sunday, Nov.22, 7:15pm
Urla - Sunday, Nov.22, 1:45pm




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