Brazilian premiere of Bikes vs Cars

On Saturday, June 13th, Bikes vs Cars had its Sao Paulo premiere at Auditório Ibirapuera in Parque do Ibirapuera, presented by Maria Farinha Filmes. A crowd of over 2000 people were there to see the film, along with Director Fredrik Gertten and Aline Cavalcante, one of the main subjects of the film. It was wonderful to share the film with a city that means so much to us and the many friends we have made over the last two years of filming. Thank you to everyone who helped create such a beautiful evening.


Beginning today (June 18th), the film is being shown in cinemas in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Schedule below for dates June 18th-24th. On June 25th, it opens in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Joao Pessoa and Santos.


Sala 4                                                20h (EQUINOX)


Sala 4                15h40 – 21h40 (EQUINOX)


Sala 5           18h30 – 22h - 24h (EQUINOX)

OBS: Dia 20/06/2015 às 24h (Extra)

Positive reviews for Bikes vs Cars in Spain

On May 30th, Bposter_cast_web1.jpgikes vs Cars had its Spanish premiere at the wonderful DocsBarcelona International Film Festival. Thank you to all who came out to see the film! The film is now playing throughout Spain during the month of June, through DocsBarcelona initiative El Documental del Mes. You can find the whole schedule here.

We've been happy to see some nice reviews coming out of Spain this week. Here's a little peak at what the press has been saying about the film. 


"Bicicletas vs coches es un documento muy interesante que deja sin argumentos a los defensores del coche, de las ciudades para los coches y no para las personas, y que ofrece datos muy a tener en cuenta." - From “Bicicletas vs. coches”: la revolución urbana pendiente, Begoña Pina, Diario Público

English: "Bikes vs cars is a very interesting documentary that leaves no arguments for the defenders of the car, that the cities for are cars and not for people, and that provides data to be taken into account."     

"Aquello que mueve a Bikes vs cars es algo tan simple como necesario: la denuncia de que las ciudades del siglo XXI son un territorio hostil para todo movimiento que no se haga en coche. Al margen del peatón, quien más acusa este entorno urbano potencialmente violento son las bicicletas." From Algunas razones de peso por las que los coches deberían desaparecer, Ignacio Pato, PlayGround

English: "What moves Bikes vs cars is something as simple as necessary: the claim that the cities of the XXI century are hostile territory for any movement that is not made by car. Outside of pedestrians, who would suffer from this potentially violent urban environment but bicycles."

"Bikes vs Cars deja claro que ciudades como Sao Paulo, Toronto o Los Angeles no son las más indicadas y han crecido pensando en la circulación de coches, motos y otros transportes de tracción a motor." From Bikes vs Cars: En busca de la armonía entre bicis y coches, Ignasi Ferrer, Cinedivergente

English: "Bikes vs Cars makes clear that cities like Sao Paulo, Toronto and Los Angeles are not the most suitable and have grown thinking only about the circulation of cars, motorcycles and other motor transport."

Special Mention for Bikes vs Cars at Docs Against Gravity

Thank you to Docs Against Gravity Film Festival in Warsaw for honoring us with a Special Mention for their Green Award Competition! And congratulations to all of this year's winners, which you can find here
This year, we'll be collaborating with Docs Against Gravity for European Documentary Network's new initiative, Moving Docs. We'll soon be announcing more screenings of the film throughout Poland. Read more about Moving Docs here

Spanish Premiere of Bikes vs Cars

On Saturday, May 30th, Bikes vs Cars will have its Spanish premiere at Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, through Docs Barcelona! An additional screening will take place on May 31st and Fredrik Gertten will be in attendance for both. You can find more information about the screenings here.

Following the premiere, the film will screen across Spain throughout the month of June, as a part of the Docs Barcelona initiative, el Documental del mes. Fredrik Gertten's previous film, Big Boys Gone Bananas!*, was also shown in Spain through this series and we are happy to participate again with Bikes vs Cars. The full list of screenings will soon be up on our site.

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Bikes vs Cars wins UK Green Film Fest's Audience Award



On Sunday, we wrapped up screenings of Bikes vs Cars in 23 different UK cities through the UK Green Film Festival. And today, we've found out that we won the festival's Audience Award! What an honor for us. Thank you to everyone who went out to see Bikes vs Cars at the cinema and another huge thanks to all of you who have been sharing your support online. It already means so much to us to hear your positive reactions to the film and this award is icing on the cake! 

We've heard from a lot of people who didn't have a chance to see the film last week, wondering how they might be able to. Good news! Our friends over at Moving Docs are now helping us set up additional screenings. If you're interested in hosting one where you live, fill out this form (UK only).

More information on our upcoming screenings and how you can organize screenings outside of the UK can be found here.

Brazilian premiere of Bikes vs Cars

We are very happy to announce that Bikes vs Cars (and director Fredrik Gertten) will soon be heading to Brazil! The film will have its Brazilian premiere on June 13th in São Paulo, where there will be a free screening at Parque do Ibirapuera. More events around the screening are in the works.

On June 18th, the film will be released in cinemas in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo through Espaço Itaú de Cinema, with additional screenings around the country beginning the following week. You can find information in Portuguese about our Brazilian release here.

Why the title ''Bikes vs Cars''?

Our friends at the Scottish Documentary Institute sat down with Fredrik Gertten and asked, ''Why this title?'' In the video below, he shares his answer.

UK love for Bikes vs Cars

On Sunday, May 3rd, Bikes vs Cars had its European premiere through the UK Green Film Festival, in collaboration with our friends at Moving Docs and Scottish Documentary Institute.


It all kicked off with a gala opening at Rio Cinema in London, where Fredrik was present for a Q&A after the screening. The next day, he headed to Edinburgh for a cycle ride to the cinema. The festival continues until May 10th and altogether will travel to 23 cities around the UK! 

Kind words and support have since been pouring in, beginning with this great article and interview with Fredrik, from the Guardian, by Zoe Williams. It has now spread around the world, having been shared over 6500 times! We're glad to see how much discussion the piece has encouraged. Here's another nice interview from Liz Seabrook up on Oh Comely and a review of the film from Watch This Space Film Magazine. And here, a radio interview with Fredrik on BBC Radio Scotland (from 01:21:00 to 01:37:00).

Thanks for all the love, UK! 
Hop on your bikes and get to UK cinemas for the rest of our UK Green Film Fest screenings! Full schedule here.







Bikes vs Cars Around the World

It's now been just over a month since Bikes vs Cars had its World Premiere at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Since then, the film has found its way around the world, with more festivals being announced every day and new screening requests coming in around the clock. It has meant so much to us to see what an interest there is in the film from people all over the globe.

SXSW Bike Hugger Meet-Up before our world premiere. photo cred: Bike Hugger 

Below are a few more glimpses into some of the screenings we've had so far. Thanks to everyone who has come out and supported us, once again helping us show that WE ARE MANY! And remember, still many more screenings to come. Our European Premiere at the UK Green Film Festival, May 3rd in London, our Belgian premiere with Docville on May 4, first screenings in Spain through Docs Barcelona in May, Australian premiere at Sydney Film Festival in June, plus many more. Keep checking out our screening page for updates.

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Sweden's 101 Most Influential Environmentalists

Yesterday, the journal Miljöaktuellt published their list of Sweden's 101 Most Influential Environmentalists. Included on the list is Bikes vs Cars director Fredrik Gertten! The list has been produced partly by open nomination and partly through a jury process. According to Miljöaktuellt, the purpose of the list is to "lift up role models and people who set the agenda on environmental and sustainability issues that are driving the development of more sustainable path." Congratulations, Fredrik!

See the full list here (in Swedish).



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