Are you on the map?


We've been keeping tabs on all the cities where the BIKES vs CARS Facebook friends and Kickstarter backers come from. The above map (which you can click on for a better view) is a beautiful display of all the support we've gathered from around the world! We're still waiting on Antarctica to step up to the plate, but so happy to see that people from 6 different continents, dozens of countries and countless cities believe in what we're working on and want to help bring the BIKES vs CARS documentary to a global audience.

Are you a supporter, but don't see a mark on your city? Email [email protected] and we'll get you on there! Do you know people that live in places that are not yet marked on the map? Could you ask them to donate a dollar to this campaign? That's all it takes, one dollar, to get another mark on this map and to show that we are many - everywhere.

By the way, in honor of the global support, we now have a Portuguese and a Spanish subtitled version of our Kickstarter video. More languages to come soon!

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