Bikes vs Cars tours Mexico with BICIRED

Bikes vs Cars continues showing throughout Mexico this fall through a series of screenings presented by National Urban Cycling Network, BICIRED, for their "Hazla de Tos" campaign. Ambulante and Greenpeace Mexico are co-presenters. See the full list of upcoming screenings below and learn more here.

La Paz Bscicletos 18/09/2015
Metepec Rueda Metepec 19/09/2015
Izcalli Bici verde 19/09/2015
Monterrey Pueblo bicletero / Greenpeace 19/09/2015
Veracruz Pedalea Veracruz 20/09/2015
San Luis Potosi Vida sobre ruedas 22/09/2015
Guadalajara GDL en bici / Greenpeace 22/09/2015
DF Bicitekas / Greenpeace 22/09/2015
Vallarta Vallarta en bici 22/09/2015
Toluca Tlaloc 23/09/2015
Xalapa Physis Ciclovida Xalapa 26/09/2015
Hermosillo Bikes and beers 30/09/2015
Guadalajara Femibici/ Greenpeace 1/10/2015
Mexicali Mxli Bici 9/10/2015
Orizaba Ciclovida Orizaba 5/10/2015
Mexicali Mujeres al Pedal 13/10/2015
Tijuana Alianza por el Ciclismo y una Ciudad más Humana 20/10/2015
Leon Saca la bici 31/10/2015

Also during the tour they will be short projecting winners of the 1st Short Film Competition for sustainable mobility “MUÉVETE EN CORTO”.

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