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This weekend, the Sustainable Living Film Festival (Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Film Festivali) will host the Turkish launch of Bikes vs Cars! The festival, which runs from Nov.19-22, is held simultaneously in 20 cities around the country. The film will play in 17 of those cities!

Below you'll find the complete schedule. 


Bodrum - Friday, Nov.20, 5:00pm
Mersin - Friday, Nov.20, 6:00pm
Bursa - Friday, Nov.20, 4:45pm
Ankara - Saturday, Nov.21, 7:30pm
Antalya - Saturday, Nov.21, 6:45pm
Artvin - Saturday, Nov.21, 5:00pm
Balikesir - Saturday, Nov.21, 5:15pm
Bayindir - Saturday, Nov.21, 5:30pm
Canakkale - Saturday, Nov.21, 7:00pm
Diyarbakir - Saturday Nov.21, 7:30pm
Eskisehir - Saturday Nov.21, 6:00pm
Fethiye - Saturday Nov.21, 5:15pm
Giresun - Saturday Nov.21, 4:45pm
Izmir - Saturday Nov.21, 6:45pm
Trabzon - Saturday Nov.21, 3:15pm
Adana - Sunday, Nov.22, 7:15pm
Urla - Sunday, Nov.22, 1:45pm



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