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Have you seen the newest rewards on the BIKES vs CARS Kickstarter?

If not, you better go take a look before they're gone! We've added 7 high quality, Swedish-made bikes as reward options. One model is a sturdy, beautiful blue bike built to handle any climate. As of this posting, there are just four left. And for those of you who like Malmö FF as much as director Fredrik Gertten does, you'll love the customized MFF bikes - just two available! These bikes can be shipped anywhere in the world, at no extra cost.

Learn more about them on our Kickstarter page.                       



We also now have pictures up of the stencil in our $10 reward, the propaganda kit:


One of our favorite rewards is "the bike date." We really like the idea that we might create something bigger by connecting you, our supporters that are spread all over the world. So check out the 70 USD reward and see if there is a tour available in your city. Right now we can offer tours in Norrköping, Stockholm, Malmö and Västerås in Sweden, Daix in France, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chattanooga in USA, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada, Sao Paulo, Rio, Florianópolis and Brasilia in Brazil, Lisbon in Portugal, Bogota in Colombia, Copenhagen in Denmark. München, Germany and Arezzo in Italy, Dubai and Mexico City. If you didn't find a city within bike distance on the list and would like to volunteer please fill in this form:

As of this posting, we have 913 friends backing the project. Imagine if all of you called two friends and asked them to join. Then we would be many more. Remember also that small amounts are welcome. We need to meet the target by November 1, 16,30 CET. That's just 12 days from now. If we don't make it you will get your money back and we'll get nothing, which would have severe consequences on the project. If you can spare a dollar, consider donating to our Kickstarter today! We'll be forever grateful for your support.

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