New documentary & Kickstarter from Bikes vs Cars director Fredrik Gertten

One week ago, WG Film launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Bikes vs Cars director Fredrik Gertten's upcoming film, PUSH, a documentary exploring why it has become so expensive to live in our cities. 

With PUSH, much like Bikes vs Cars, we’re trying to unravel a global problem, so it’s critical that our message reaches as far as possible. Getting a message out costs money, getting an unpopular message out costs even more. The $50,000 we’re aiming for in this Kickstarter campaign is needed for post-production and for outreach: to spread the word and help people understand why they can't afford to buy a home.

We now have until November 28th to reach our goal and we need your support! In addition to, and perhaps more importantly than funding, we need voices. Help share our cause, whether it’s with $1 or $100, a tweet, or a Facebook post. Even better, an email or a phone call to a friend (or 10 friends!). Even a small action makes a big difference! 

Thanks in advance for your support! Now, go check out the campaign

Thank you!
The WG Film Team

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