SWIM Lab #2

Next week, beginning on September 15th, BIKES vs CARS heads back to the SWIM LAB for our second session of workshopping, right here in Malmö. This time around, we'll be focusing on concept development, business development and prototype/demo production. We're looking forward to another productive week with the LAB team and our fellow participants

On September 15th and 17th, SWIM will host open lectures, focusing on new media methods and tools. Learn more about the events and register to attend here.

swimlab.pngSWIM, Scandinavian World of Innovative Media, is a two year initiative launched by CPH:DOX with the goal of stimulating media innovation in the Øresund Region. Their LAB is a three stage training course that develops business opportunities and engagement strategies for projects within the field of innovative media. The last workshop will take place during CPH:DOX in November 2014.

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