World Car Free Day - Coming to a city near you!

World Car Free Day is fast approaching, but you still have plenty of time to plan your auto-free Sunday. Will you take your bike out for a ride, hop on a public bus, tram or train, or take a nice stroll through town?

A 2012 study found that in America alone, if drivers replaced just one 4-mile (~6.5km) car trip with a bike each week for the entire year, it would save more than two billion gallons (~7.6 billion liters) of gas.

Why not replace one of those 4-mile car trips on World Car Free Day? While the official date is September 22nd, many cities will be holding their car-free days on the 20th and 21st. If you’re looking for a local event near you, here are some cities that will be (officially) participating:


Montreal, 20th
Long Island, New York, 20th
Columbus, Ohio
, 20th
Edmonton, Canada, 21st
Brussels, 22nd
Bangladesh, 22nd
Los Angeles, 22nd
Washington DC, 20th-22nd 

Know of any more cities taking part that weekend? Messagetweet or facebook us information on the events so that we can add them to the list. And remember, anyone can participate in World Car Free Day. Leaving your car at home does not require an event, just a bike, bus or pair of shoes! 


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