Bike Friend Matches All Kickstarter Contributions in the Final Days

As we write this, there are just 66 hours remaining of the BIKES vs CARS Kickstarter campaign. On Friday, November 1st at 3:28pm Swedish time, 10:28am New York time and 7:28am LA time, it will officially end! Already, 1683 backers from almost 50 countries have given their support to help us reach our original goal of 50,000 USD. Now, we have one last initiative to bring in last minute backers.

From this point on, a very generous supporter, Todd D., has offered to match all new pledges AND all raised donations up to 10,000 USD. Give $5, it becomes $10. Already gave $10? Give $10 more and your total contribution becomes $30! Imagine what an extra $20,000 could do for all of us. That's a lot of international outreach and community building!


"I'm passionate about this project because
believe that we are at a global renaissance
moment with the bicycle. In the most dense 
urban area to the most sprawling communities,
there is a transportation revolution occurring. 
It is THE most transformative positive change
I have seen in my lifetime." 
-Todd D.          


We are in the final stretch of our Kickstarter campaign. Let's keep things moving up until the very end. Keep sharing with friends and please consider donating if you haven't already. Every new backer and every dollar helps us show that WE ARE MANY. 




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