"VW-Gate is a Moral Crisis" - Fredrik Gertten

In September, Volkswagen sparked global outrage when it admitted that 11 million of its diesel cars are fitted with special gadgets that activate pollution controls during tests but secretly turn them off when the car is on the road. In this piece in Sweden's Aftonbladet, Fredrik Gertten shares his response to what is being referred to as VW-Gate. 

"They do not care about the environment. This, in a time of climate crisis, a time when we over-consume the earth's resources. World journalists and commentators need to move the focus. VW-gate is not about a big corporate public relations debacle, or stock quotes. There is a moral crisis for a key industry in our economic system. We must speak about this. So okay, I admit, I am not only sad. I'm pissed."


CineDoc hosts the Greek premiere of Bikes vs Cars

On October 7th, Bikes vs Cars will have its Greek premiere when CineDoc opens their festival with the film at the Institut Français d'Athènes, in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, WWF Greece, Attica Bike Community, Friends of the Bicycle and the Embassy of Sweden. CineDoc is one of our partners in the European Documentary Network's initiative Moving Docs and the Athens screening will be just one of many held throughout Greece during the month of October. Here's the full list:

Αθήνα | Γαλλικό Ινστιτούτο | 7-Οκτ | 20.00
Αθήνα | Κινηματογράφος Δαναός | 8-14/10 | 16.00
Θεσσαλονίκη | Παύλος Ζάννας | 11-Οκτ | 17.30
Ρέθυμνο | Cineland Παντελής | 11-Οκτ |12.30
Ηράκλειο | Κοιν. Χώρο των Ιδρυμάτων Καλοκαιρινού | 9-Οκτ | 20.00
Βόλος | Μουσείο Πλινθοκεραμοποιίας | 7-Οκτ 8.00
Σπάρτη | Μουσείο Ελιάς και Ελληνικού Λαδιού | 7-Οκτ|18.00
Δημητσάνα | Υπαίθριο Μουσείο Υδροκίνησης | 7-Οκτ |18.00
Μυτιλήνη | Μουσείο Βιομηχανικής Ελαιουργίας Λέσβου | 7-Οκτ |18.00
Στυμφαλία | Μουσείο Περιβάλλοντος Στυμφαλίας | 7-Οκτ |18.00
Ναύπλιο | ΦΟΥΓΑΡΟ | 11-Οκτ | 20.00
Τρίκαλα | Δημοτικός Κινηματογράφος |8-Οκτ | 22.00
Καρδίτσα | Πάρκο Παυσίλιππο |8-Οκτ | 21.00

Find more info about all of these on the Moving Docs website.

Bikes vs Cars app : Create Your Own Climate Effect

The world data on the Bikes vs Cars app now shows that we've biked almost 2,5 million km together! That's 60 times around the earth. Pretty amazing!

More exciting news - the website has now been updated so that you can explore data from around the world. You can see specific data collected from each continent, country, region/state and city. You can also see every city that is using the app, so if you don't see yours on the list, you can be the first to start contributing data from where you live!

Here are a few examples of some of the data that has been collected:

Screen_Shot_2015-09-14_at_11.31.33.png  Screen_Shot_2015-09-14_at_11.31.26.png  Screen_Shot_2015-09-14_at_11.31.17.png

Keep up the good work and remember to share the app with your friends! 

The app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android. Find more info and download the app here.

European Mobility Week 2015

Car-Free_Day__choose_your_way.jpgEuropean Mobility Week, taking place September 16-22, is an annual awareness raising campaign that aims to make citizens aware about the use of public transport, cycling, walking and various modes of transport to get cities moving in the right direction. The week leads up to Car Free Day, on September 22nd.

That week, Bikes vs Cars will be screening in numerous cities around the world. Below is a list of what's scheduled so farm, with more to be announced soon. Interested in setting up your own screening during Mobility Week? Email glynnis@wgfilm.com for more info!


September 16
Aberdeen, UK 
Lisbon, Portugal
Bo, Norway
Lviv, Ukraine
Goteborg, Sweden
Mullsjo, Sweden




September 17
Nödinge, Sweden 
Kristianstad, Sweden
Braga, Portugal
Burlington, Vermont
Sedona, Arizona
Brussels, Belgium
Almería, Spain
Uppsala, Sweden
Ostersund, Sweden
Stockholm, Sweden



September 18
Cuautitlán, Mexico
Calgary, Canada
La Paz, Mexico
Angelholm, Sweden



September 19
Luxembourg City
Waterloo, Canada
Victoria, Canada
Almada, Portugal
Malmo, Sweden
Calgary, Canada
Kyiv, Ukraine
Monterrey, Mexico
Metapec, Mexico
Izcalli, Mexico
Eslov, Sweden



September 20
Waterloo, Canada
Victoria, Canada
Calgary, Canada
Veracruz, Mexico
Oslo, Norway



September 21
Victoria, Canada
Calgary, Canada
Évora, Portugal
Larnaca, Cyprus



September 22
Waterloo, Canada
Victoria, Canada
Skurup, Sweden
Uddevalla, Sweden
Edinburgh, Scotland
Seia, Portugal
Calgary, Canada
Brussels, Belgium
Angelholm, Sweden
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Guadalajara, Mexico
DF, Mexico
Vallarta, Mexico
Volta Redonda, Brazil







Bikes vs Cars tours Mexico with BICIRED

Bikes vs Cars continues showing throughout Mexico this fall through a series of screenings presented by National Urban Cycling Network, BICIRED, for their "Hazla de Tos" campaign. Ambulante and Greenpeace Mexico are co-presenters. See the full list of upcoming screenings below and learn more here.

La Paz Bscicletos 18/09/2015
Metepec Rueda Metepec 19/09/2015
Izcalli Bici verde 19/09/2015
Monterrey Pueblo bicletero / Greenpeace 19/09/2015
Veracruz Pedalea Veracruz 20/09/2015
San Luis Potosi Vida sobre ruedas 22/09/2015
Guadalajara GDL en bici / Greenpeace 22/09/2015
DF Bicitekas / Greenpeace 22/09/2015
Vallarta Vallarta en bici 22/09/2015
Toluca Tlaloc 23/09/2015
Xalapa Physis Ciclovida Xalapa 26/09/2015
Hermosillo Bikes and beers 30/09/2015
Guadalajara Femibici/ Greenpeace 1/10/2015
Mexicali Mxli Bici 9/10/2015
Orizaba Ciclovida Orizaba 5/10/2015
Mexicali Mujeres al Pedal 13/10/2015
Tijuana Alianza por el Ciclismo y una Ciudad más Humana 20/10/2015
Leon Saca la bici 31/10/2015

Also during the tour they will be short projecting winners of the 1st Short Film Competition for sustainable mobility “MUÉVETE EN CORTO”.

Bikes vs Cars in Canada

After a great week of screenings in Toronto and Montreal, Bikes vs Cars has been picked up by cinemas around Canada to be shown during August and September. See the full list below and be sure to keep looking out for new screenings here.

Vancouver, BC Vancity Theatre August 21-27
Quebec City, QC Le Clap August 21-27
Toronto, ON Bloor Hot Docs Cinema Sept. 4 & 7
London, ON Hyland Cinema Sept. 4-10
Ottawa, ON Bytowne Cinema Sept. 12-15
Victoria, BC  Vic Theatre Victoria Sept. 19-23
Waterloo, ON Princess Cinema Sept. 19-20, 22-23
Guelph, ON  Bookshelf Cinema Guelph Sept. 23-24
Regina, SK RPL Film Theatre Sept. 25-27

We are very happy to be working with Canadian distributor Kino Smith for screenings throughout the country. If you're interested in setting one up, please contact glynnis@wgfilm.com

Upcoming Screenings

Lots of summertime screenings planned for Bikes vs Cars, with many more to soon be announced. To stay updated, check out our screening page and attend our Facebook event.

DUBLIN - Festival of Curiosity/UCD Science Expression

Our Irish premiere will take place on July 24th, with a free screening at Smock Alley Theatre, presented by UCD Science Expression during the Festival of Curiosity. There will be a post screening panel discussion, moderated by writer and broadcaster Manchán Magan who will be joined by Fredrik Gertten, Michael Philips, Director of Traffic at Dublin City Council and Dr Marcus Collier who leads a research team at the UCD Earth Institute looking at urban resilience and sustainability. See more info here.

TORONTO - Bloor Hot Docs Cinema

Bikes vs Cars will be released in theaters on July 31 at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema in Toronto, where it will screen until August 6. Fredrik will participate in Q&As on Friday, July 31, at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, August 1, at 12:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. You can find the full schedule for screenings here.

NYC - Rooftop Films

Fredrik will head to New York for our NYC premiere through Rooftop Films, on August 6. The free, outdoor event will take place in Brooklyn and the evening will include live music and a Q&A after the film. See all the details here.

Brazilian premiere of Bikes vs Cars

On Saturday, June 13th, Bikes vs Cars had its Sao Paulo premiere at Auditório Ibirapuera in Parque do Ibirapuera, presented by Maria Farinha Filmes. A crowd of over 2000 people were there to see the film, along with Director Fredrik Gertten and Aline Cavalcante, one of the main subjects of the film. It was wonderful to share the film with a city that means so much to us and the many friends we have made over the last two years of filming. Thank you to everyone who helped create such a beautiful evening.


Beginning today (June 18th), the film is being shown in cinemas in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Schedule below for dates June 18th-24th. On June 25th, it opens in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Florianopolis, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Joao Pessoa and Santos.


Sala 4                                                20h (EQUINOX)


Sala 4                15h40 – 21h40 (EQUINOX)


Sala 5           18h30 – 22h - 24h (EQUINOX)

OBS: Dia 20/06/2015 às 24h (Extra)

Positive reviews for Bikes vs Cars in Spain

On May 30th, Bposter_cast_web1.jpgikes vs Cars had its Spanish premiere at the wonderful DocsBarcelona International Film Festival. Thank you to all who came out to see the film! The film is now playing throughout Spain during the month of June, through DocsBarcelona initiative El Documental del Mes. You can find the whole schedule here.

We've been happy to see some nice reviews coming out of Spain this week. Here's a little peak at what the press has been saying about the film. 


"Bicicletas vs coches es un documento muy interesante que deja sin argumentos a los defensores del coche, de las ciudades para los coches y no para las personas, y que ofrece datos muy a tener en cuenta." - From “Bicicletas vs. coches”: la revolución urbana pendiente, Begoña Pina, Diario Público

English: "Bikes vs cars is a very interesting documentary that leaves no arguments for the defenders of the car, that the cities for are cars and not for people, and that provides data to be taken into account."     

"Aquello que mueve a Bikes vs cars es algo tan simple como necesario: la denuncia de que las ciudades del siglo XXI son un territorio hostil para todo movimiento que no se haga en coche. Al margen del peatón, quien más acusa este entorno urbano potencialmente violento son las bicicletas." From Algunas razones de peso por las que los coches deberían desaparecer, Ignacio Pato, PlayGround

English: "What moves Bikes vs cars is something as simple as necessary: the claim that the cities of the XXI century are hostile territory for any movement that is not made by car. Outside of pedestrians, who would suffer from this potentially violent urban environment but bicycles."

"Bikes vs Cars deja claro que ciudades como Sao Paulo, Toronto o Los Angeles no son las más indicadas y han crecido pensando en la circulación de coches, motos y otros transportes de tracción a motor." From Bikes vs Cars: En busca de la armonía entre bicis y coches, Ignasi Ferrer, Cinedivergente

English: "Bikes vs Cars makes clear that cities like Sao Paulo, Toronto and Los Angeles are not the most suitable and have grown thinking only about the circulation of cars, motorcycles and other motor transport."

Special Mention for Bikes vs Cars at Docs Against Gravity

Thank you to Docs Against Gravity Film Festival in Warsaw for honoring us with a Special Mention for their Green Award Competition! And congratulations to all of this year's winners, which you can find here
This year, we'll be collaborating with Docs Against Gravity for European Documentary Network's new initiative, Moving Docs. We'll soon be announcing more screenings of the film throughout Poland. Read more about Moving Docs here


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